G20 countries agree to fight jointly against terrorism

G20 countries agree to fight jointly against terrorism

Leaders of the G20 summit, which started today in the Turkish capital of Antalya, came to a number of agreements relating to terrorism that threatens the world community. A draft of the corresponding statement was worked out after the meeting. 

Thus, the heads of state of the G20 consider that it is necessary to activate coordination and information sharing channels in order to block the financing of terrorism and not to allow extremists to cross borders. It is expected that these measures will allow the causes of the development of terrorism to be explained. In addition, the leaders of the G20 have agreed to draw particular attention to border controls and aviation security. 

"We will work more closely with the international community in order to fight terrorism in all its forms,’’ Bloomberg cites Chinese President Xi Jinping

A bit earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking at the opening plenary session, urged the G20 to be more resolute in the fight against terrorists. "The economy and security are tied with human lives, and the tragedy in Paris clearly showed this once again. This proves the fact that the fight against terrorism must be resolutely continued," RIA Novosti cites him as saying.

In addition, economic issues were also on the agenda of the summit. ‘‘They became the main topic of Russian President Vladimir Putin,’’ Russian Sherpa Svetlana Lukash said. "President Putin spoke about risks of increasing the world economy in terms of recent terrorist attacks in Paris,» she wrote on her Twitter page.

Erdogan also draw attention to economic problems, including the necessity to attract investments to the countries, where economy is being developing in the framework of the G20. "The G20 should not be a platform only during a crisis. At the beginning of our presidency in the G20 we identified three basic parameters of work: inclusiveness, investments and implementation. Some of our principles we have managed to bring to life this year,’’ he recalled. 

"We need to invest in those countries, where economy is being developing. The developed countries haven’t managed to get rid of stagnation. This year, we started observing the same state of things in the developing economies. Financial markets point out to new risks, including political instability," the head of Turkey said.

In addition, Erdogan pointed out to another ‘sore spot’ of the modern world community. It was a migratory crisis. "The migration crisis attracts more and more attention," Turkish President said, adding that the difficult situation in this area greatly affected the cooperation in the humanitarian sphere. "The international cooperation in this field is becoming more important. Unfortunately, the international community hasn’t receive an excellent mark for this exam," - he complained.