Gagra fully recovered after floods

Gagra fully recovered after floods

© Photo: Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza

Gagra has fully recovered from the powerful flood caused by heavy rains. All tourist sites are ready to welcome guests, the authorities of the resort city report.

The most famous resort of Abkhazia - Gagra - recovered after heavy rains and a flood. Head of the regional tourism department Akhra Bganba spoke about what is happening in Gagra.

He stressed that today all tourist facilities are functioning as usual.

According to the official, as a result of the heavy rains and floods, private and guest houses were damaged.

As for the tourists who were in the city at the time of the emergency, they, after a few -day break continue to enjoy their vacation. According to the authorities, many of the tourists helped to eliminate the consequences of the heavy rains.