Georges Guelzec: it's important that Farid Gaibov becomes UEG president

Georges Guelzec: it's important that Farid Gaibov becomes UEG president

The current President of the European Union of Gymnastics (UEG), Georges Guelzec, speaking with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza today, said that he would like the UEG vice-president, secretary general of the Federation of Gymnastics of Azerbaijan Farid Gaibov, to win the election of the next UEG president.

"I emphasize that I will support the candidacy of Farid Gaibov in the elections. First of all, they need it to continue the current policy pursued by the UEG . For me as president of the UEG, it is very important to see Farid Gaibov becomes the president of the union," Georges Guelzec said.

UEG President explained that it is about the quality of work carried out by Farid Gaibov. "He has been UEG vice president for four years, he knows all our areas, understands the intricacies of our work, and if he introduces something new, it will be a continuation of the successful policy that we have been carrying out for many years. It does not mean that he should do the same things, but he knows the basic provisions of the UEG and, based on them, he will correctly plan the organization's activities," he believes.

Georges Guelzec also stressed the importance of the work of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation for European sport. "Gymnastics in Azerbaijan has started to develop rapidly in the last 10 years, and in the last 6-7 years it has been developing at a rapid pace. A lot of international tournaments are held here, including European championships and World Cups, which shows how much the country has invested and continues to invest in gymnastics," UEG current president of pointed out.

"For me as a president, it is important to see the strong UEG. The more Azerbaijan participates in our work, the more it strengthens the development of gymnastics in Europe and in the world. Azerbaijan has all the opportunities to develop further, it created an infrastructure that does not exist in many other countries. The AGF is actively involved in the promotion and development of world gymnastics, and most importantly, it is supported by the state," Georges Guelzec said.

According to him, after leaving the post of UEG president, he will become a pensioner and will devote his time to himself.