Global travel bloggers meet with activists on Lachin road

Global travel bloggers meet with activists on Lachin road

Representatives of different countries came to Shusha and got acquainted with the restoration of the city.

The delegation of popular representatives of the tourism sector from different parts of the world, arrived in the Azerbaijani city of Shusha.

Travel bloggers from Russia, Britain, USA, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Denmark arrived in the city.

As part of a three-day visit, the bloggers will see firsthand the atrocities committed during the occupation of Karabakh and become familiar with the restoration of the region and its nature.

It is noted that the delegation visited the Lachin road, where a peaceful demonstration of ecoactivists has been taking place for the 55th day. The travelers watched the course of the action against the illegal exploitation of the natural resources of Karabakh.

In addition, representatives of 12 countries visited Dzhydyr-duzu. The guests learned about the horse riding tournaments and national celebrations that were once held at this place. They were also told about the military operation during the Second Karabakh War, when the soldiers of the Azerbaijani army climbed the dangerous rocks that surround Dzhydyr-duzu from three sides. Thus, they managed to liberate Shusha from the invaders.

In addition, tourists walked around the city on foot, took pictures on the central square and visited the Shusha fortress. The bloggers also got acquainted with the progress of the restoration of Shusha after the occupation and presented gifts to local children.

As Vestnik Kavkaza reported earlier, the travel bloggers visited a historical monument in the Khojavend region of Azerbaijan—the Azykh cave.