Haley on Trump's readiness to meet Rouhani at UN

Haley on Trump's readiness to meet Rouhani at UN

U.S. President Donald Trump, who will chair a UN Security Council meeting next week on Iran and other nations with weapons of mass destruction (WMD), would consider accepting an Iranian invitation for a bilateral meeting with Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, U.S. Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley said.

"Certainly, if Rouhani requested a meeting, that would be for the president to decide whether he wants to do that," the ambassador told the briefing.

She explained that the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting, which was originally intended to focus on Iran's involvement in a number of global hot spots, has since been broadened to focus on multiple WMD nations such as Iran, North Korea and Syria, Sputnik reported.

Trump will host the UN Security Council on Wednesday, during a week of meetings marking 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly. The session begins on Tuesday and runs for nine days.