Heavy rains flood number of regions in eastern Georgia

Heavy rains flood number of regions in eastern Georgia

Powerful rain has resulted in the flooding of houses and streets in the Gardabani, Gori, Signagi and Lagodekhi municipalities last night.

A total of 15 citizens have been evacuated from 11 houses in Krtsanisi, Gardabani municipality, where the water level reached 1.5 meter forcing rescuers to use boats.

The rescue boat was later taken by strong flood waters while the two rescuers were on a control check around the village. They both managed to make it to safety. 

There were also several reports of flooding in Gori last night. Four streets were flooded and some cars had to be taken to another location. 

Rescuers try to evacuate car from a flooded street in Gori, Agenda.ge reported.

In Sighnaghi and Lagodekhi, several people were trapped in their cars because of an increase of the water level in the streets.​

Those affected were moved to a safe place during the night, the Emergency Management Agency said.

The weather in eastern Georgia is expected to continue to worsen today as well. From July 27 heavy rain is forecasted throughout the country. 

Meterologist do not exclude the possibility that the heavy rains may cause several rivers to flood, especially in the northern, mountainous part of the country.

The country's Emergency Management Service has shifted to a special work regime in order to react in a timely manner in case of necessity.