Heydar Jemal passes away

Heydar Jemal passes away

The co-chair of the all-Russia social movement 'Russian Islamic Heritage', the chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia, Heydar Jemal, has died tonight after a long and serious illness, a message posted on the deceased’s pages on social networks reads.  

The funeral will take place on December 6 at 11:00 in Almaty.

Heydar Jemal was born on November 6, 1947 in Moscow. Russia's Islamic Committee, which he chaired, was created in 1990s. 

Since 1979, he cooperated with the Muslims of Tajikistan, in 1989, he was a member of the coordinating council of the 'Memory' .

In 1990, was one of the founders of the Islamic Revival Party and was elected its deputy chairman. In 1993, he participated in the Khartoum conference to establish an international Islamic organization 'Islamic Committee'. Two years later, he founded and headed  the 'Inter-regional social movement 'Islamic Committee'. Since 2005, he was a member of the presidium of the Russian Islamic Heritage.

The staff of Vestnik Kaavkaza express their deepest condolences to the family and relatives of Heydar Jemal.