Huntsman: Russia-U.S. dialogue important for global stability

Huntsman: Russia-U.S. dialogue important for global stability

U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman has stressed the importance of Russian-U.S. dialogue with the aim of ensuring global security and stability, he said in a video message devoted to the 74th anniversary of the meeting on the Elba River.

"The image of that day, of two comrades in arms, an American soldier and a Soviet soldier, shaking hands, is forever etched in our memories as a symbol of what our countries can achieve when we work together for a common cause," the US ambassador noted.

"Historical differences did not stop those soldiers from standing up together to do what was right," TASS cited him as saying.

According to Huntsman, the symbolism of those soldiers joining hands serves as a poignant reminder that "while we live in a period of tensions between the United States and Russia, and there are many challenges in our relationship, the world is safer and more stable when Americans and Russians commit to make space for dialogue and discussion."