Iran denounces Riyadh for politicizing Hajj pilgrimage

Iran denounces Riyadh for politicizing Hajj pilgrimage

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari pointed to visa issuance to the Iranian pilgrims among Iran’s disputed issues with Saudi Arabia, Mehr news agency reports.

Speaking during a TV interview on the latest status of Iranian Hajj pilgrims for the current Iranian year, 1395, on Tuesday, Jaberi Ansari said Saudi Arabia has not provided the preliminary processes yet, to dispatch Iranian pilgrims to perform the holy ceremony, despite the Saudi government's repeated claims that the hajj issue is not mingled with political differences they hold with Iran.

"Unfortunately, despite Riyadh’s claims that Hajj pilgrimage is a “non-political issue”, the Saudi government has avoided from issuing visas to the Iranian Hajj pilgrims," Jaberi Ansari underlined.

He also strongly criticized Saudi Arabia for declining to issue visa for Iranian pilgrims.

Pointing to Saudi’s sabotage in fundamental issues such as visa issuance for pilgrims, transportation, airline issues, safety and security of the pilgrims, Ansari said there is still a chance and we hope that Saudi Arabia change its wrong policies and fulfill its commitments as the host of the holy ceremony, if not, Saudi Arabia is responsible for the prevention of Iranian pilgrims to do their religious obligation.