Israel welcomes Turkey's decision to restore diplomatic ties

Israel welcomes Turkey's decision to restore diplomatic ties

Israeli President Isaac Herzog hails the announcement that Israel and Türkiye will restore full diplomatic relations.

"I commend the renewal of full diplomatic relations with Turkey - an important development that we’ve been leading for the past year, which will encourage greater economic relations, mutual tourism, and friendship between the Israeli and Turkish peoples," says Herzog, whose visit to Turkey earlier in the year played a key role in paving the way for the move.

"Good neighborly relations and the spirit of partnership in the Middle East are important for us all. Members of all faiths ' Muslims, Jews, and Christians ' can and must live together in peace," Herzog says.

Israel and Türkiye have decided to restore full diplomatic ties and will send ambassadors to each other's country following a steady improvement in relations, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid's office also said on Wednesday.

"Upgrading relations will contribute to deepening ties between the two peoples, expanding economic, trade, and cultural ties, and strengthening regional stability," said a statement issued following a conversation between Lapid and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.