Jews preparing to celebrate Passover

Jews preparing to celebrate Passover

Jews around the world celebrate Passover: this is the main holiday in Judaism, dedicated to the events known as the Exodus from Egypt.

Russian President Vladimir Putin extended greetings to Russian Jews on Passover.

“This ancient holiday, held in special reverence by followers of Judaism, dates back to important historical events, and refers believers to the centuries-old religious and cultural traditions of the Jewish people who have carefully passed them down through the generations.

With satisfaction, I would like to note the significant creative contribution of Jewish organisations to the development of our country, to strengthening the spiritual and moral foundations of our society and cultivating a fruitful inter-ethnic and inter-faith dialogue. And of course, the Russian Jewish community is actively involved in educational and charity work, the upbringing of young people and addressing topical social issues. This incredibly multidimensional and important work deserves deep and sincere recognition.”

The Passover is celebrated on the 14th day of the spring month of Nisan according to the Hebrew calendar. In 2022, the holiday is celebrated from Friday evening, April 15, until Saturday, April 23.