Kremlin: Moscow hopes for common sense of G7 nations

Kremlin: Moscow hopes for common sense of G7 nations

Russia hopes for common sense of all the Group of Seven nations on the issue of resumption of relations with Russia, Russian president’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

"If we speak about the Group of Seven nations, Russia’s relations with the overwhelming majority of them are being resumed and are on a quite positive track no, either we speak about France or Italy," TASS cited him as saying.

Peskov recalled that Russia also has traditionally close relations with Germany and Japan. "Efforts to resume relations with some nations have been failing but we hope common sense will win the upper hand sooner or later."

The presidential spokesman recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin was an advocate of normalization of relations with all the nations.

Commenting on media reports that the Group of Seven leaders had agreed not to invite Moscow to extend the format but only establish closer coordination with Russia, he noted that efficient coordination on issues of global economy and politics was impossible without China and India.

"As for relations with the Group of Seven, any cooperation should have an ultimate goal," Peskov said, when asked whether Russia is ready for closer coordination with the Group of Seven even if the Group of Eight format is not resumed. "If we speak about coordination on global processes, such as politics, geopolitics or economy, naturally, it would be more efficient to do it with the participation of the world’s biggest countries. So, it doesn’t look logical to speak about macro-politics or macro-economics without China and India," the Kremlin spokesman explained.