Landfill in Gelendzhik to become new park

Landfill in Gelendzhik to become new park

© Photo: Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza

Landfill in Gelendzhik will turn into a park. Ponds have been created on the site of the old landfill, planting will soon begin. The area of the transformed territory exceeds 13 hectares.

The reclamation of an inactive landfill near the village of Kabardinka in Gelendzhik has started.

On the territory of the landfill, closed more than 5 years ago, 

drainage systems and ponds have already been created, planting will begin in a few months. In total, more than 13 hectares will be recreated.

“The first stage of landfill liquidation is proceeding at a good pace. In autumn, the contractor will begin the biological stage, as a result of which more than 90% of the territory will be planted with vegetation,”

- Vice Governor Andrey Proshunin informed.