Mishustin: about 85% of IT-specialists who left return to Russia

Mishustin: about 85% of IT-specialists who left return to Russia

About 85% of IT specialists who left Russia earlier have returned to the country, according to SIM card data, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said on Friday, speaking to participants in the superfinal of the Forth Leaders of Russia competition.

"I will tell you that today we see that 85% have returned [to Russia], according to SIM cards," he said, referring to the situation of the IT sphere workers.

Mishustin pointed out that most of the decisions made by the government recently are "prompt responses to emerging challenges." "For example, the very same fundamental, very important decision to support the IT-industry was made instantly, as soon as first information appeared that our specialists began to leave," he explained.

Now, according to the Prime Minister, we need long-term solutions, and the contours of the future economy have already begun to shape. "We see how inflation, the payments balance, the situation in the foreign exchange market is changing today. How all these factors, in principle, affect our budget," he said.

According to Mishustin, today it is important to carry out analytics in order to assess the overall situation in detail and determine the direction of movement. "And we will not only react promptly and level out the impact [of a number of factors] on our society, but also, of course, act proactively and proceed accordingly," he said.