New constitution proposed in Georgia

New constitution proposed in Georgia

According to the Chairman of the Parliament and the State Constitutional Commission, the Commission approved a document - the draft amendments to the Constitution, which will fundamentally change the governance-related regulations in the constitution. 

"We have developed a very sophisticated document though a broad engagement, which is in line with the constitutional principles and introduces very sophisticated model of governance, which is based on the best practices of the European countries," Irakli Kobakhidze said.

"In the history of independent Georgia it is for the first time that the authorities have restricted their guarantees. This is the first time when the changes contradict the interests of the management team. The parliament gave us 2 tasks - it was primarily to ensure the full compliance of the constitution with the principles of constitutional law. This aim has been thoroughly achieved. As for the second goal – it was creation of a very strong constitutional foundation for the creation of stable, pluralistic and democratic parliamentary governance. The second goal was also fully achieved. The document approved by the Commission serves these two goals. This is a great achievement. We have a great hope that the Parliament will support the document, which will be submitted by the Constitutional Commission," quoted him as saying.

The Chairman of the Parliament once again thanked each member of the Constitutional Commission, who "made a great contribution to the Commission's activities". He added that all legal remarks expressed by the Venice Commission will be fully shared and reflected in the constitutional amendments.

The draft constitutional amendments, approved by the members of the Constitutional Commission yesterday, will be submitted to the Parliament of Georgia no later than Thursday. After hat, the Parliament should set up an organizational commission for general discussions, which will organize meetings in the regions.

The document will be sent to the Venice Commission immediately after it is initiated. The Venice Commission will have a one-month period to prepare its conclusion. The preliminary report of the Venice Commission will be ready before June, when the document is to be discussed in the Parliament. The document will be considered in the third, final reading by October-November.