New global coronavirus cases rise by 52% in past month

Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza

New global coronavirus cases rose by 52% between November 20 and December 17 compared to the previous four weeks, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

"The number of reported cases has increased while deaths have decreased during the 28-day period, with over 850,000 new cases and over 3,000 new deaths, an increase of 52% and a decrease of 8%, respectively, compared to the previous 28 days (October 23 to November 19, 2023)," the statement reads.

The majority of new cases were recorded in Russia (279,359), which is followed by Singapore (120,898), Italy (114,795), Poland (39,828) and Australia (39,505). Italy reported the most fatalities at 510. Next come Sweden (396), Russia (376), Australia (211) and Poland (141).

© Photo :Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza