Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter

Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter

Today, alll Orthodox Russians celebrate Easter, or the Resurrection of Christ - the main Christian holiday.

According to Orthodox doctrine, with the Resurrection of Christ, death is conquered, and the prospect of eternal life opens up to people. On the eve of the holiday, the churches commemorated the descent of Christ into hell.

An Easter service was held in all Russian churches. It began 30-45 minutes before midnight, and the sacred procession began at midnight. After that, the Easter matins took place, which ended with the reading of John Chrysostom's catechumens on the resurrection of Christ, which refers to the meaning of this holiday for believers. At the end of Matins, the Divine Liturgy was held, the peculiarity of which was in the fact the Gospel was read in different languages, referring to the prophecy of Jesus Christ that the Gospel would be preached to all nations.

Further, the same Easter service that was at night will be performed in all churches - with a procession and the singing of "Christ is risen".