Putin: Russia to be actively involved in G20 summit

Putin: Russia to be actively involved in G20 summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian delegation will be actively involved in the work of the G20 summit, which will be held on July 7-8 in Hamburg.

Putin noted that Moscow will team up with its G20 partners in implementing the agreements that will be reached at the meeting.

He stressed that the G20 can make a weighty contribution to strengthening the stability of the global economy and to maintaining its balanced development. "Only by acting together and pooling our efforts can we overcome the current imbalances, ensure sustainable growth, develop fair trade and competition rules, reduce poverty and resolve acute social issues," Putin said in an article for the German Handelsblatt daily ahead of the G20 summit in Hamburg.

According to the President, interests of people should be the key priority of the summit. "Various opportunities opened up by the digital economy and a switchover to new industrial and technological patterns simultaneously increase the gap in the development levels between rich and poor countries and aggravate inequality between various social strata. Therefore, our efforts should focus on people, their interests and concerns. I consider this to be a key-priority for G20 activities," the Kremlin website cited Putin as saying.

He also noted that over the past few years, the G20 has been working on the issue of migration. Putin stressed that the G20 has been working on issues related to the migrants’ integration in the host countries’ labour markets, as well as their cultural adaptation and social protection.  "The G20 has formulated decisions this year that could help settle the issue of forced displacement," the President added.