Putin arrives in Buenos Aires for G20 summit

Putin arrives in Buenos Aires for G20 summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin has arrived in Argentina to take part in the G20 summit.

The head of state will also hold a number of bilateral meetings with colleagues, including Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri, as part of an official visit to this country.

Right from the airport Putin went to a meeting with colleagues from the BRICS countries. Later on Friday he will take part in three rounds of sessions at the G20 summit, an isolated meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping and a trilateral meeting with him and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Putin’s negotiations with French President Emmanuel Macron are planned for the same day, TASS reported.

Putin will continue communication with the G20 colleagues at a ceremonial reception for distinguished guests held on behalf of the summit’s host, Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri. 

On December 1, the Russian president will take part in sessions of the G20 summit and hold isolated meetings. His visit to Argentina will end the same day.