Putin signs law on life sentence for child molesters

Putin signs law on life sentence for child molesters

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on life sentence for previously sentenced child molesters and for first-time violence against two or more minors. The law has been published on the official legal information website.

Previously, life sentence was only applicable for rape, carried out against minors under the age of 14 by criminals, already sentenced to similar crimes.

The new law stipulates the maximum penalty of life sentence for child molesters who carried out repeat sexual actions against minors. Life sentence will also be applicable for first-time criminals, if they crime affected two or more minors or was accompanied by another grievous crime. The sentence will now be applicable to abusers of all minors, not only those of age under 14.

The bill was introduced to the State Duma in September 2021, and passed in the first reading in late December. The bill met no objections from the Supreme Court and was supported by the government.

The law will enter into effect in 10 days after its publication.