Rodina newspaper office in Russia's Stavropol attacked

Rodina newspaper office in Russia's Stavropol attacked

Four Rodina employees were injured in the Stavropol Region after an unidentified person had attacked them with a knife, Stavropol Region Governor Vladimir Vladimirov wrote on his Instagram page.

"A man with a knife attacked employees of the newspaper Rodina, four were injured. It is a criminal offense. The attacker was detained, and the police are carrying out the necessary actions," he wrote.

Nothing is threatening the lives of the employees of the Rodina newspaper who were injured in a knife attack in the Stavropol Region. the governor said

"Their lives are not in danger, and medics are working with them. All the necessary help will be provided to them. Two were already released home, and the issues of hospitalization is pending for two more," he wrote.

The Stavropol Region police started a pre-investigation check after a man had attacked the Rodina newspaper office with a knife, the press service of the Interior Ministry’s Main Directorate for the Stavropol Region said.

"Currently, the man was delivered to a police department in the city of Stavropol. A crime scene investigation team is working, and a pre-investigation check is being carried out on the basis of which a procedural decision will be made," TASS cited the source as saying.