Roscosmos to cooperate with Azerbaijan

Roscosmos to cooperate with Azerbaijan

In the near future, Dmitry Rogozin, the head of the Russian corporation "Roscosmos", at the invitation of the National Aerospace Agency of the Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan, will visit Baku to discuss aspects of cooperation.

"We have offered light-rail transport for the reviving Azerbaijani cities. We are now producing very interesting and beautiful trams. We are producing the "Maglef" system - magnetic levitation trains. We are ready to supply them to Azerbaijan, as well as medical equipment and much more. Therefore, I want to say that even Roscosmos alone can become a very important partner for the Azerbaijani economy", Rogozin said in an interview with the Azerbaijani CBC TV channel.

Also, "Roscosmos" plans to work together with the Azerbaijani space agency in the field of remote sensing of the Earth from space.

"The development of cooperation with Azerbaijan in the space sector can become even more active. Azerbaijan has a number of opportunities in terms of participation in machine-building corporations, and in the space sector there are many talented scientists from Azerbaijan. There are many Azerbaijani scientists working in the space industry of Russia. There is a lot of work,
which we can do with Azerbaijan in connection with cooperation in the space sector. I really want to discuss this issue with President Ilham Aliyev”,Rogozin said, APA reports.