Russia may not hold Winter Paralympics 2018

Russia may not hold Winter Paralympics 2018

Vice-President of the Russian Paralympic Committee, the 13-time Paralympic champion, Rima Batalova, said that the International Paralympic Committee (ICR) had not announce its criteria for restoring our membership. That is why the participation of the Russian athletes in the Winter Paralympics in 2018 still remains unclear.

Batalova explained that the problem is that Russian Paralympic athletes will not be able to in the next year’s international competitions were countries get licenses for the Games. "We will not be able to win quotas for the Paralympic Winter Games in 2018” RIA Novosti cites her as saying.

IPC realizes this and it does not hurry to determine the rules for Russia to get its membership back. The Russian Paralympic team does not know what to do at the moment.

At the same time, Batalova stressed that the PCR should protect itself and its athletes.

Team Russia won the first place in the medal standings at the previous Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi.