Russia plunges to 46th place in FIFA rating

 Russia plunges to 46th place in FIFA rating

Russia’s national football team has dropped from 43rd to 46th in the FIFA rating, according to the renewed version of the rankings published on the FIFA official website.

Russia currently has 1436 points.

Belgium remains in first place with 1746 points, followed by new South American champions Brazil (1726) and France (1718).

England (1652), Uruguay (1637), Portugal (1631), Croatia (1652), Columbia (1622), Spain (1617) and Argentina (1610) are also in the Top 10.

Iran - the 23rd position (1518 points), Turkey - the 37th (1467 points), Georgia - the 94th (1255 points), Armenia - the 98th (1230 points), Azerbaijan - the 109th (1188 points), Kazakhstan - the 112th (1174 points), Turkmenistan - the 132nd (1091 points).