Russia's Deputy PM: US sanctions create investor uncertainty

Russia's Deputy PM: US sanctions create investor uncertainty

New US sanctions imposed against some Russian companies have created uncertainty for all investors, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said.

"Market quotations are formed on the basis of expectations. Sanctions against the Russian companies, including systemically important companies, which have been imposed recently, create considerable uncertainty for all investors, for everybody who works on the financial market," Dvorkovich said.

"The uncertainly is evidently making investors act in a maximally conservative way. The local uncertainly is too high and the reaction is predictable indeed… Now it is vital to minimize it by ensuring stable and smooth operations of companies that employ hundreds of thousands of people," PRIME cited him as saying.

The official added that the government is ready to take steps to stabilize the companies’ operations.

Dvorkovich also said that the share of the state in the country’s economy should be reduced by establishing new private firms.