Russians feel assured they be defended from terror - poll

 Russians feel assured they be defended from terror - poll

Most Russians (80%) believe that the authorities are able to protect the population from terrorist attacks, according to a survey conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center.

Sixteen percent of the respondents do not have faith in the state’s capability to protect them from terrorist attacks. Last year, that viewpoint was shared by 12% those surveyed. In 2018, 85% of those polled were certain that measures to shield the country from terrorism were effective. The lowest level of trust in state counter-terrorism measures was recorded in 2002 and in February 2011 (20%), the pollster said.

According to the latest survey, 32% of those polled said attacks against Russian citizens were likely, while 53% did not believe that was possible.

As many as 38% of the people interviewed said that the terror threat was on the decline, while 30% noted that this danger was growing. Another 22% of the respondents did not notice any significant changes. TASS reported.