SPIEF demonstrated Russia's self-sufficiency

SPIEF demonstrated Russia's self-sufficiency

The anniversary XXV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum ended in St. Petersburg today.

According to Anton Kobyakov, adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, executive secretary of the organizing committee, the forum demonstrated the self-sufficiency and economic sovereignty of the Russian Federation, showed that the country is protected from "external pressure and all forms of blackmail".

"Practically, the SPIEF has confirmed its status as a world demanded platform for discussion of global issues of the world order. This is important, the world has already become multipolar", TASS quotes Kobyakov.

During the four days of the business program, 214 events were held at the forum, the plenary session was attended by the heads of four states - China, Egypt, Kazakhstan and Russia.

The executive secretary of the organizing committee explained that the area of ​​the Expoforum, where SPIEF is held, is limited, and in fact the forum no longer fits into this format. He urged St. Petersburg's authorities to expand the "Expoforum" at least twice.

As for the economic results of SPIEF, 691 agreements worth 5.6 trillion rubles were concluded there, last year the figure was 3.8 trillion rubles.

In terms of geography, SPIEF was visited by representatives of 130 countries, including 79 states that sent official representatives. Kobyakov emphasized that representatives of all countries unfriendly to Russia also took part in the forum.

Let us remind you that the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was organized by the Roscongress Foundation, it was held from June 15 to 18. The theme was "New World - New Opportunities". The event included forums for SMEs, creative business, "Drug Safety", SPIEF.Junior and SPIEF Sport Week.