Shelter for people from vulnerable groups opened in Khankendi

Shelter for people from vulnerable groups opened in Khankendi

The Ministry of Labor of Azerbaijan has opened a shelter for people from vulnerable groups in the city of Khankendi, which is located in the Karabakh economic region of Azerbaijan.

The institution is located in a specially designated house in the center of Khankendi. The three-storey building has bedrooms for 30 people and a relaxation room. The house is provided with water and electricity, there is a kitchen and laundry room.

It was possible to get to the shelter as early as Tuesday, October 10th. Those who stay there are given hot meals three times a day. Snacks are also provided. The police is guarding the house.

Two psychologists and two social workers, who arrived in Khankendi on September 30, found out what the residents needed and what their psychosocial status was. During the survey, people were visited at the place where they live. At the same time, everyone was told where the shelter was located, and also that they could get food there.

At the time of writing, there were six people in the institution, another one needed medical help. In total, the shelter helped 11 people in need.

One can stay at the shelter voluntarily. If someone does not want to spend the night, he will still receive food, clothing and the social services he needs.

Representatives of the Red Cross come to the shelter every day. At any moment they can familiarize themselves with the situation within its walls.