Survival expert on how to stock up for three-month quarantine

Survival expert on how to stock up for three-month quarantine

U.S. survival expert Samantha Biggers told about a "strategic supply" in case of a three-month quarantine - the worst-case scenario.

According to her, a "strategic supply" should contain legumes, rice, pasta, oatmeal, flour, granola, canned soups, vegetables, and fruits, as well as various root crops.

Biggers believes that an average family should stock up on the order of 9 kilograms of potatoes, 2 kilograms of carrots and onions, which should be stored in a dark place. If the potatoes begin to sprout, try to plant several potatoes.

By the time fresh vegetables run out, Biggers says, boxes of dry mashed potatoes, dried onions, and dry soup mixes should be in stock. "Do not forget about long-term storage milk, milk powder, and yogurt culture, with which you can cook yogurt yourself," she said.

"For the soul" the arsenal should have tea, coffee, sweets and alcohol.

Special attention, according to Biggers, should be given to the first-aid kit, prescription drugs, medicines for colds, allergies.

The survival expert also recalled that there should be a supply of batteries at home, as well as hygiene items.