Thailand to allow Russians vaccinated with Sputnik V to enter resorts

Thailand to allow Russians vaccinated with Sputnik V to enter resorts

Thai authorities will allow Russian citizens who have a certificate showing vaccination with Sputnik V, to visit the country’s resorts as part of the eased entry regulation, the Russian embassy in the Kingdom of Thailand said.

"The national committee on tackling COVID-19 has principally approved putting Sputnik V on the list of vaccines that provide the right to arrive in Thailand under the ‘sandbox’ program with certificates present," the statement said.

The authorities did not specify when the decision will come into force.

Thailand’s tourism ‘sandboxes’ are programs for the simplified entry to resorts of the country for vaccinated foreign tourists without obligatory quarantine. The first ‘sandbox’ was launched on July 1 on Phuket Island.

At the same time, Aeroflot suspends flights to Bangkok on the back of restrictions for flights over Afghanistan, a source close to the Russian air carrier said.

"Aeroflot is indeed suspending flights to Bangkok due to restrictions for flying over Afghanistan," TASS cited the source as saying.

According to information on the airline’s website, air tickets from the Russian capital to the Thai capital are not sold. The last flight available for booking will be on August 21. Ticket sales for September and October are being closed.

Aeroflot and AirBridgeCargo bypass the territory of Afghanistan since Monday, TASS reported earlier. This refers to flights to New Delhi and Bangkok, Aeroflot said before.