Three-year-old boy returned from Iraq to Russia

Three-year-old boy returned from Iraq to Russia

Three-year-old Zeid Abdulayev, who was found in an orphanage in Baghdad, has been brought to Chechnya’s capital of Grozny and handed over to his grandparents, member of Chechnya’s Human Rights Council Kheda Saratova said on Wednesday, TASS reports.

"His parents were killed and he was sent to a Baghdad orphanage," she said. "Fortunately, a team formed by head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov managed to bring three-year-old Zeid to Grozny. His grandparents are looking forward to seeing him," Saratova added.

According to her, the boy spent around five months at the orphanage. After Zeid’s grandfather asked for assistance in bringing him back home, Kadyrov’s envoy to the Middle East and North Africa Ziyad Sabsabi found the kid in Iraq.

Saratova said that the boy and his grandparents would head to Dagestan accompanied by Yelena Novoseltseva, an aide to Children’s Rights Commissioner for the Russian President Anna Kuznetsova, as well as by Chechen Children’s Rights Commissioner Khamzat Khirakhmatov and Dagestanian Children’s Rights Commissioner Marina Yezhova.