Turkish convoy attacked in Idlib, three civilians killed

Turkish convoy attacked in Idlib, three civilians killed

Three civilians were killed and 12 more were wounded during an attack on a Turkish military convoy in Syria’s Idlib, the Turkish national defense ministry said.

"Our convoy heading for observation station number 9 was came under an air strike. Three civilians were killed, 12 more were wounded," the ministry said, adding that these people had happened to be in the vicinity.

According to the ministry, the motor convoy was dispatched to the observation station in Idlib in the small hours on Monday to ensure security along supplies routes and at the site, "to prevent civilian deaths and reduce tensions between the conflicting parties."

The ministry also said it had notified Russia about the convoy in advance. "We strongly condemn this attack staged by the [Syrian President Bashar Assad] regime in violation of our agreements and accords with Russia. We reserve the sovereign right to defense and expect measures to be taken swiftly to prevent such incidents," TASS cited the ministry as saying.