Vladimir Khotinenko: marking 100th anniversary of VGIK in Baku was great idea!

Vladimir Khotinenko: marking 100th anniversary of VGIK in Baku was great idea!

Famous Russian director Vladimir Khotinenko, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza, told about the VGIK Day in Baku.

The VGIK Days were held in Baku in early April, as part of the 'VGIK Days in the CIS countries. The 100th anniversary of the first film school in the world' project. Back then, a delegation led by rector of VGIK Vladimir Malyshev arrived in Azerbaijan. Vladimir Khotinenko also took part in the event.

"It was a wonderful idea to mark the 100th anniversary of VGIK in Baku. A huge number of Baku people graduated from VGIK, I also had students from Baku. It seems to me that it is absolutely right thing to meet with graduates," he emphasized.

Similar events took place in other post-Soviet countries. "We celebrated the 100th anniversary not only in Baku, we were in all the republics whose citizens graduated from VGIK. We had very striking meetings," the director admitted.

"It is very important that our guys and students communicate, exchange contacts. After all, God willing, these are seeds that will grow and bloom," Vladimir Khotinenko added.

The director praised the changes in Baku. "Baku has changed a lot in terms of architecture, I can clearly see it as an architect. It has amazing modern buildings," he said, noting that at the same time the city retained its former hospitality.

"We were greeted with the same hospitality as before. Time went by, the external situation changed, but the core remained the same," Vladimir Khotinenko stated.

In addition, the director said that he would be pleased to consider offers to shoot a film in Azerbaijan. "If there offers, they will be considered, if there is a good scenario, we'll gonna do it. This is a real deal," he concluded.