While Azerbaijan celebrates Nowruz, Israel celebrates Purim

While Azerbaijan celebrates Nowruz, Israel celebrates Purim

As you know, Jewish holidays fall on different dates of the European calendar every year. Azerbaijani people living in Israel now have a double holiday this year: the bright holiday of Nowruz has practically coincided with the most cheerful Jewish holiday of Purim.

The International Association Israel-Azerbaijan 'AzIz' pays special attention to the celebration of Nowruz, as it's one of the favorite holidays for the inhabitants of many Eastern countries.

This year's gala concert was organized by 'Aziz' in cooperation with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the International Charity Fund of Mountain Jews STMEGI.

The Director General of the International Association Israel-Azerbaijan 'AzIz', Lev Spivak, congratulated guests on the occasion, thanked the first deputy mayor of Acre, Zeev Neuman, and the head of the STMEGI fund Herman Zaharyaev for their support. He also presented special gifts to the Director of the Azerbaijani Cultural Center, Yegyan Salman, the head of the Sholumi Center, Shaul Siman-Tov, the coordinator of the Ministry of Absorption programs in Acre and the initiator of the celebration, Rauf Agalarov, Lyudmila Litvinskaya and Rosalia Rahamimova.

The event was also attended by the Deputy Mayor of Kiryat-Yam, Adam Amilov, deputies of the city council Yossi Peysarov, Matsliah Emmanuel Aviran Mishiev and Arkady Pomeranets and others.

The well-known Azerbaijani singer Elvin Babazade performed at the evening.