Zhirinovsky nominated for Russia's presidential election

Zhirinovsky nominated for Russia's presidential election

LDPR’s 31st congress is being held in Moscow today. It is attended by 400 guests, including representatives of public organizations, religious figures, governors.

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who was nominated for president from the party in the 2018 presidential election, has vowed that he possesses a unique record of participation in presidential election campaigns.

Zhirinovsky believes that Russia deserves to be governed "by the very best, the strongest, boldest and most courageous person, capable of speaking off the cuff without looking down at the notes".

He said he was well aware of the needs of the country’s poor and promised to improve the nation’s living standards.

"Better food, better healthcare, education, housing, benefits and tax breaks - there are many measures that we will be able to propose," TASS cited Zhirinovsky as saying.