Turkish and Azerbaijani gas agreements will not affect ‘Blue Stream’ - Erdogan

The agreements between Turkey and Azerbaijan on gas supplies from
‘Shakh-Deniz-2’ will have no effect on the amounts of Russian supplies
through the ‘Blue Stream’ pipeline project, Turkish Premier Recep
Tayyip Erdogan said at a meeting with Premier Vladimir Putin today,
RIA Novosti reports.

Turkey buys gas from Azerbaijan but most supplies come from Russia.
Erdogan noted that Turkey lacks gas for industrial facilities. He said
that Azerbaijani gas will partially cover gas demand.

The ‘Blue Stream-2’ is an opportunity for extra gas supplies for the
Turkish market and transit to third countries, apart from Israel,
Vladimir Putin said at a conference in Istanbul, Interfax reports.

Putin made note of the fact that Israel has discovered a large gas
field on its sea-shelf. The ‘Blue Stream-2’ project is unable to reach
Israel within its remit.