Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu arrives in Baku

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu arrives in Baku

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has arrived in Baku. This is reported by the Turkish Foreign Ministry. It is noted that the visit's purpose is to participate in a trilateral meeting of the heads of the …

Negotiations on Iran underway in Vienna

Negotiations on Iran underway in Vienna

28 days after the 8th round of negotiations on the renewal of the nuclear deal started in Vienna, the delegations of the countries participating in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear program continue …

Peskov speaks about the talks between Putin and Biden

Peskov speaks about the talks between Putin and Biden

The press secretary of Vladimir Putin in an interview for the program "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin" said that the presidents of Russia and the United States in the course of negotiations use the attributes of friendly communication, but …

Geneva holds new inter-Syrian round of peace talks

Geneva holds new inter-Syrian round of peace talks

Syrian government and opposition delegations started today a new round of peace talks at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, after 10 months of the failure of the last attempt to end the conflict, Prensa Latina reports. …

Why the inter-Syrian talks are stalling

Why the inter-Syrian talks are stalling

It is possible to stop the military operation only if the United States will guarantee that the militants will go beyond the geographical borders of Syria

Azerbaijan against opening Armenian-Turkish border

Today, the head of the Socio-Political Department of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Ali Gasanov, stated that the opening of the border between Turkey and Armenia does not correspond to the interests of either Turkey or Azerbaijan, reports APA. In his opinion it will introduce more chaos into the negotiations.He also said that he believes that the border will not be opened until Armenia comes to a constructive position.

The UN "Freedom flotilla" commission investigates in Turkey

The minister of foreign affairs of Turkey, Ahmet Davutolu, and a member of the UN 'Freedom Flotilla' Commission, Sir Desmond de Silva, held a meeting in Ankara during which the incident of the 'Freedom Flotilla' was discussed, reports Trend.Davutou said that international opinion is very important to Turkey and that they are going to help the commission and show that no country stands above international law.

The Kremlin confirms that Lukashenko's words could be published

The announcement by the assistant of the Russian president, Sergey Prikhodko, that Aleksandr Lukashenko's statement promising to recognize Ossetia and Abkhazia could be published, was made after a direct order from Dmitri Medvedev, reports ITAR-TASS.Belorussian president Aleksander Lukashenko responded that he does not want to comment on this statement and that the Russian side inconsistently and dishonestly pulls phrases out of the discussion.The reply of the Russian side was that they can publish the part of the discussion where the leader of Belarus speaks on the matter.

Dmitry Medvedev to visit Baku this autumn

During the visit of Dmitry Medvedev to Azerbaijan there are plans to discuss various documents that will a push for a financial relationship between the two countries, said Russian trade representative in Azerbaijan, Yuri Shedrin, reports Trend. " Among such documents are the agreement on delineating the borders, the reconstruction of the bridge over the river Samur and use of its resources and an agreement on regulating the property of the embassies," he said.Also during the visit a number of documents will be signed, regulating relations with a nu

Russia and Armenia to prolong the military base in Gyumri

A protocol for prolonging the Russian base in Gyumri was signed during the visit of Dmitry Medvedev to Yerevan. The changes to the protocol apply to the period of the existence of the military base, which was initially for 25 years, starting in 1995. It has now been changed to 49 years, reports Russia-24, citing the Armenian Foreign Minister, Edward Nalbandyan.Some other corrections were also made. The presence of the base now provides protection not only to the interests of Russia, but to the security of Armenia.

Russia and Armenia sign cooperation treaty on space technologies

Russia and Armenia have signed a Protocol on developing and enforcing scientific and technical cooperation in studying pollution in near earth space and meteor safety, reports of the main objects of cooperation is the Burakan observatory, which is planned to be equipped with new Russian optics. The price of the project is more than 4.6 million euros.Both sides agree that it is crucial to unite efforts in educating the young and attracting young scientists.

Baku and Ankara discuss prospects for military and technical cooperation.

The prospects for military and industrial cooperation between Turkey and Azerbaijan were discussed at a meeting between the minister of defense of Azerbaijan, Safar Abiev, and an advisor to the ministry of defense of Turkey, Murad Bayar, according to the press agency of the ministry, reports Trend. Opinions on the Treaty of Strategic Partnership and Mutual Assistance were discussed.

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Iran warns Israel not to attack their nuclear sites

The official representative of the ministry of foreign affairs of Iran, Ramin Mekhmanparast, warned Israel not to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. He noted that any aggression towards Iran, including the Busherskaya Nuclear Power Plant, will provoke an immediate response.Mekhmanparast confirmed that fuel is being loaded into the reactor of the plant, a process that will last for 3-4 weeks.

The White House denies Obama issued Erdogan ultimatum

A representative of the press-service of the White House, Dan Burton, has denied previous information that president Barack Obama issued an ultimatum to the prime minister of Turkey, Redzhep Tayyil Erdogan, reports Trend, referring to CNN Turk.On Monday morning the UK's Financial Times newspaper, referring to its own sources in the US administration, wrote that the USA will cease exports of weaponry to Turkey, if it does not change its policy towards Iran and Israel.Burton claims that there was no ultimatum and that Barack Obama simply discussed var

Presidents of Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tadjikistan to meet in Sochi

A meeting of the presidents of Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tadjikistan will take place in Sochi on the 18th of August, the Kremlin press service says.The first similar meeting took place in 2009 in Dushanbe, when the Russian leader noted that a new format of cooperation is being born, which?will allow discussion of various problems, including drugs and terrorism.16.08.2010

President of Turkey arrives in Baku

The president of Turkey Abdullah GЭl is arriving in Azerbaijan on a two-day official visit, reports ITAR-TASS. Negotiations concerning energy, transport and investments between him and his colleague will take place.Ways of resolving the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh will also be discussed. An agreement on a mutual non-visa regime will be signed at the end of the visit.16.08.2010