G8 leaders to have talks

The Kremlin expects to discuss the measures for fulfilling the
non-proliferation decisions of the G8 summit, the Russian president's
assistant, Sergey Prikhodko, said, ITAR-TASS reports.

He said that the G8 leaders at the meeting in Canada will confirm
their commitment to the two decisions of the two key forums (the
Washington summit and the NPT conference) and discuss measures aimed
at fulfilling the decisions.

The discussion in Washington allowed the participants to reach
agreements on evaluating the threat of nuclear terrorism, measures
against nationalism, enforcement of physical nuclear security and
promotion of the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency.
The current summit will have talks on Iranian and Chinese nuclear
programs and regional problems such as Afghanistan, the Middle East
and the Korean peninsula.

Russia's primary goal is prevention of the drug threat coming from
Afghanistan. Prikhodko said that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
could be an important partner in this sphere. He also noted the
significance of developing Palestinian-Israeli negotiations into a
form of dialogue to bring peace and security to the region. Prikhodko
said that the attack on the humanitarian convoy in the Mediterranean
became a serious obstacle in the process.

He said that the situation on the Korean peninsula was destabilized by
the incident surrounding the Chkhonan patrol ship. Russia urges all
sides in the conflict to remain calm and careful to avoid rising
tensions turning into an armed conflict.