The UN "Freedom flotilla" commission investigates in Turkey

The minister of foreign affairs of Turkey, Ahmet Davutolu, and a member of the UN 'Freedom Flotilla' Commission, Sir Desmond de Silva, held a meeting in Ankara during which the incident of the 'Freedom Flotilla' was discussed, reports Trend.
Davutou said that international opinion is very important to Turkey and that they are going to help the commission and show that no country stands above international law. The commission arrived this Sunday to hold an investigation into the incident of the 31st of May.
The lawyer of the Turkish citizens hurt during the accident, Ramazan Ariturk, said that the commission spoke to the victims of the incident. He added that the investigation on board the ships of the fleet, the Mavi Marmara, the Defne Y and the Gazze, will soon take place.