Iranian embassy clarifies country's position on Caspian Sea

The Iranian embassy in Moscow has issued a statement clarifying the Islamic Republic's official position on the official status of the Caspian Sea, which has been a matter of debate for a long time.

According to the statement, Iran demands that the demarcation of the seabed should be conducted in accordance with international law and that the Islamic Republic should get 20 percent of the seabed, while other parties may receive bigger or smaller shares.

Legal expert Rustam Mamdedov stresses that the principle of justice on which Iran's position is based should not be applied to the seabed. According to the specialist, Iran's demands aren't justified.

Another expert, Vladimir Yevseyev, underlines, however, that Iran could have demanded even more. According to the agreements signed by the USSR and Iran, it could have demanded 50 percent of the Caspian Sea, he says.