Friendship of Peoples festival held at VDNKh

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Friendship of Peoples festival held at VDNKh

Since its foundation day, VDNH has been considered the main symbol of friendship and solidarity among the peoples of the USSR. Today, the best traditions of the Soviet era are continued here. The festival of national hospitality "Friendship of Peoples", which took place this weekend at the main exhibition of the country, involved its guests in a holiday of good mood and good neighborliness.

This year, the Festival program involved the whole territory of VDNKh, the main venue was the Central Alley, where the historical pavilions themselves were living decorations for this holiday. Concerts and shows, performances, master classes, games, craft and gastronomic fairs were prepared for visitors. The program united six thematic areas: "Culture of peoples", "Council of peoples", "Crafts of peoples", "Cuisine of peoples", "Children of peoples" and "Holidays of peoples".

Today, as part of the festive program, the 12th multinational holiday "Apricot" was held. The guests of VDNKh saw shows, a fashion show of a children's collection with ethnic motifs, took part in sports tournaments and ate Armenian apricots. The two-day rice festival was named after N.V. Kim - a breeder, who was awarded nine medals of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition for his achievements.