Moscow before the New Year (photo report)

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Moscow before the New Year (photo report)

New Year and Orthodox Christmas have been widely celebrated in Russia for many centuries. As in ancient times, people dress up, walk, play, have fun, ride on New Year's carousels, act out performances.

The main wizard, Ded Moroz, commands the holiday. Ded Treskun from the Novgorod region, the Yakut keeper of the cold Chyskhaan, the Evenk Ded Moroz Amaka Inin from the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Shakhta Baba from the Republic of Dagestan help Ded Moroz at the sites of the Journey to Christmas Festival.

These days, 32 venues are open in Moscow where you can taste festive dishes, buy handicrafts and products, meet epic and fairy-tale characters.