Resettlement of Armenians ... from real world to virtual one

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Resettlement of Armenians ... from real world to virtual one

"The creators of the "genocide" concept, the authors of our moral, historical and territorial claims to our neighbors, glorifying the sacrificial image of the Armenian people, in fact, are our ruthless and insidious enemies," this opinion was expressed by well-known researcher of the Middle East history Philip Ekozyants in the video uploaded to YouTube.

"The genocide of the Armenian people is happening right now, they are trying to evict the Armenian people from the real world, using forgery and falsification of historical events. And they do it quite successfully. Unfortunately, we, Armenians, are participating in our own genocide. The process of genocide has not begun a hundred years ago, as we used to think, as they try to convince us. A hundred years ago, a great evil was committed against our people and for all the peoples of the Ottoman Empire. This evil acts were committed for several long years. It ended and remained in our hearts forever. And the genocide of our people began 30 years later, in the 1940s. And it began in the very appearance of the word and concept of genocide. It continues to this day," Ekozyants says.

According to him, the essence of this "genocide" is that they are trying to resettle the Armenian people from the real world to the virtual world: "First, they managed to convince us that we have nothing in common with the peoples closest to us, our neighbors, with our blood relatives. Second, they convinced us that the well-known history of the Armenian people of the last 400 years, that is, the entire Ottoman period, is not our history; that all these 400 years we were not citizens of the great Ottoman Empire, which is a rich, a powerful and enlightened state, but disenfranchised slaves. Of course, this is not the case. I am sure, Armenian brothers, that together we will figure it out and find the truth and those who are deceiving us."

The expert claims that instead of the true history, virtual antiquity, virtual greatness that have nothing to do with reality, were planted on the Armenian people: "As a result of this psychohistorical violence against our people, we have become enemies to ourselves and do not even notice it. With our surreal claims and requirements to neighboring peoples, especially to the Turkish people, we have become outcasts in our immediate geographic environment. We cannot understand that the creators of the "genocide" concept, the authors of moral, historical and territorial claims, so beautifully praising the sacrificial image of the Armenian people, in fact, are our insidious and ruthless enemies. For tens of years we have been wandering the world, bearing this concept of genocide, invented by completely alien to us people, like a heavy cross.

At the end of the 19th century, the Turks were made our enemies. At the end of 20th century - the Azerbaijanis. And now they are already inoculating the hate virus against the Russian people very successfully

"During this time, the concept of genocide literally merged with us. It has become a member of every Armenian family. It settled in our souls, sucking the lifeblood out of our people. We have become withdrawn, embittered people, we are ready to destroy everyone who does not like our fictional world, a world in which we are the oldest, the greatest, the most wrecked. Thank God, there are enough people among the Armenians who have managed to keep their minds clear. I am sure and I know that our people must regain their memory, return all their relatives, accept it as it is. These are the Turkish people and the Azerbaijani people, and the Russian people. I listed them in the same sequence in which they were torn away and continue to be torn away from our people. No matter how hard it is, we need return our real, natural family. If we do not do this, I am sure we will perish, dissolve," Philip Ekozyants said.

The expert also responded to numerous commentators who ask him not to speak on behalf of the entire Armenian people: "I never spoke and will never speak on behalf of the entire Armenian people. I speak on my own behalf, I express my thoughts here, hoping that that very adequate part of the Armenians will hear me. I undertake the responsibility to show what exactly is the virtuality of our antiquity, our ancient greatness, and also to answer the main question - who is deceiving us and why. "

"Our people, like all other peoples on earth, of course, have an ancient history. But, alas, nothing or almost nothing is known for certain about it. I have already repeated many times, God forbid, I will repeat many times that we had a strong and independent state. It was called the Ottoman Empire, and we were the Ottomans of the Armenian faith. We, Armenians, had no other reliable states. Certainly there were no states, the heirs of which would be one single Armenian people. I will detail the truth about our past, based only on the confirmed facts known to us. "