Is Munich not afraid of terrorism?

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Is Munich not afraid of terrorism?

Summarizing the 53rd Munich Conference on Security, which was held in the Bavarian capital on February 17-19, and which traditionally gathers the representatives of the military and political elite of the leading countries of the world, a member of the Committee of the Federation Council's International Affairs, Igor Morozov expressed the opinion that there was not much said about the actions of the international community on the Syrian track and about the fight against international terrorism.

"Despite the improvement of the situation in Syria, despite the fact that the Syrian armed forces with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Iranian combat forces managed to achieve quiet a success, still ISIL (the international terrorist organization banned in Russia) controls almost the half of the territory of Syria. Today ISIL  represents a threat to the security of both Europe and the United States. This is the point of contact, which could bring together our positions. We thought that at the Munich conference, there would be a discussion about what unites us rather than divides. But we did not hear there, what the world should specifically do on the direction that creates a real danger every day, every hour for all the cities in Europe, Russia and the United States,’’ Igor Morozov said.

Meanwhile, according to the Federation Council's Defense and Security Committee member, Alexei Kondratiev, today we can talk about a stabilization of the situation on the territory of the SAR. "The key to this was the negotiation process, which is carried out in Astana, as well as on the territory of Syria itself. Today, with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces we have seized a huge territory. The second largest town on the Syrian city of Aleppo was conquered in the shortest time ... This became a turning point, when the opposing sides realized their responsibility for the future of Syria and set to the negotiating table on an equal basis, " Kondratyev said.

According to him, Russian soldiers and officers in Syria have become an example of courage and bravery in the modern history: "The example of Alexander Prokhorenko, who drew the fire upon himself, surrounded by terrorists, became an exploit which is typical for the actions of our soldiers on the territory of this republic . I never heard of such cases in the coalition troops. I would love us to avoid such losses, and the war in Syria to be finished as soon as possible quickly both by the actions of the armed forces and the negotiation process.’’