Kara Karaev's 100th anniversary celebrated in Moscow

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Kara Karaev's 100th anniversary celebrated in Moscow

Last weekend, Moscow paid the tribute to the memory of the great Azerbaijani composer, teacher and public figure Kara Karayev. A concert to mark the centenary of the Soviet classic was held at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. In the program there were Don Quixote (Symphonic Engravings), violin concerto, the Path of Thunder ballet Suite No. 2 and Symphony No. 3. Unlucky music fans ask for tickets at the door - the venue have long been sold out. The crush-room is crowded, the guests look at the composer's photo exhibition with interest, take pictures.

Olga Rostropovich, the daughter of another outstanding Baku resident Mstislav Rostropovich, also attended the event.

"I was still a little girl, but I remember how Kara Karaev visited us, he worked with my dad. He was generally a wonderful person and a wonderful composer," Olga Rostropovich told the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza.


The event was opened by opened by Polar Bulbul oglu, the ambassador of Azerbaijan to Russia: "Kara Karaev's anniversary concert is held according to a special decree of the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. It is one of the final events of the whole year. No matter how many years passed, I I believe that this outstanding cultural figure, a world-famous musician, will be remembered in 150 years, in 200 years."

Azerbaijan's Minister of Culture Abulfas Garayev noted that the evening dedicated to Kara Karev has not been just a celebration of the composer's 100th anniversary, but also a tribute to the cultural figures leaving their trace in the history of the two countries: "There is no such international event in Azerbaijan, which is not attended by Russian musicians. Similarly, our musicians are frequent guests in Russia. It is natural, because we are united by a strong foundation of musical culture. Music makes us closer."

Russian Deputy Minister of Culture Pavel Stepanov conveyed the minister's congratulations: "Kara Karaev is a unique personality in the musical life of both Russia and Azerbaijan. The universiality of his work blows away: music, ballet, opera, small-scale music works, films, plays. "

The concert was performed by the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra, one of the best musical groups in the world. People's Artist of Azerbaijan Rauf Abdullayev  was conducting.