Paul Goodwin at Svyatoslav Richter's December Evenings

Paul Goodwin at Svyatoslav Richter's December Evenings

In the Pushkin Museum to them. Pushkin started the traditional "December evenings of Svyatoslav Richter." The theme of this year - the Year of the Music of Great Britain and Russia - was painting by Thomas Gainsborough and English music of the 16th-18th centuries, reports Zond News. On December 3, a concert of the Enlightenment Orchestra and the Intrada vocal ensemble under the direction of the English conductor Paul Goodwin was performed in the Italian courtyard of the museum, where the famous "Nelson Mass" by Joseph Haydn and works by William Boyce were performed.

The festival “December evenings of Svyatoslav Richter” combines music and plastic arts. The first “December evenings” were held in 1981 at the initiative of Richter himself and the director of the museum, Irina Antonova. Since then, the festival has been held annually, and since 1997 it bears the name of Svyatoslav Richter. Over the years, famous musicians and artists have become its participants. This year the festival is held as part of the Year of Music of Great Britain and Russia. It is built around the work of the English artist Thomas Gainsborough, whose exhibition will last until March 2020. Many programs are devoted to works of English music of the XVII-XVIII centuries. and the life of London in the Gainsborough era.

"If we talk about the XVIII century, that is, the Gainsborough time, then for English musical culture this is a rather long silence. But this does not mean that there was no music in England. We show you the history of the XVIII century, brilliant, revolutionary, because London becomes the musical Mecca of Europe, all brilliant composers and virtuoso musicians flock in. And in London, starting with Handel, Johann Christian Bach Jr., London Bach, Karl Friedrich Abel live in. Those same public concerts begin for the first time in London and that one develops sa the music market in which we are today, "says Julia De-Clerk, curator of the festival.

December 3 at the concert God Save the Queen sounded the music of Joseph Haydn and William Boyce. The Enlightenment Orchestra and Intrada Vocal Ensemble were conducted by Paul Goodwin, artistic director and conductor of the Carmel Bach Festival and chief conductor of Capella Aquileia. In 2007, Goodwin received the Handel Society Prize in recognition of his achievements in performing the composer's works.

“It is a great pleasure for me here in the Year of Music and Culture of Great Britain in Russia, which is conceptually combined here with the Gainsborough exhibition. Here we are giving a wonderful program.” Nelson Mass ”Josef Haydn does not need to be introduced. It is worth saying only that it was written during the war, for a small orchestra: only trumpets, timpani and strings. From this, Haydn was able to create an exceptional piece, "says Paul Goodwin.

Nelson Mass or Missa in Angustiis (“Mass from the Time of Troubles”) was written in 1798, at the height of the Napoleonic Wars. Haydn dedicated her to the victory of the English admiral Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Abukir. The name "Nelson Mass" was established two years later - during a visit by the admiral to a concert at Esterhazy Castle in Eisenstadt. Mass is recognized as one of Haydn's most advanced works. At a concert in the Pushkin Museum, she sounded in the original orchestration ...

Thomas Gainsborough is the favorite painter of King George III and the main English artist of the Rococo era. The exhibition presents more than 100 works by the artist from 11 museums in the UK, as well as the Pushkin Museum and the Hermitage.

“In the year of music, we were able to combine one of the best chamber ensembles - Intrada - incredibly accurate and at the same time powerful, with the London Orchestra of the Enlightenment. This orchestra, as a rule, plays without a conductor. There are many soloists and personalities, and my job was to create a single, great sound.I’m performing with the Intrada ensemble for the first time, but not with its leader Ekaterina Antonenko. We worked together in Poland and I was very impressed with what she does with the choir. , and the performance of her choir pr 100 were shocked, and they were young performers, ”says Paul Goodwin, who is known in the music world, including as a master of historical performance.“ In the 16th and 18th centuries, all artists communicated with each other. Gainsborough knew Boyce, knew the king and many others "This is very important. You can combine music and painting - and then the music is perceived differently and vice versa. Therefore, this festival is so interesting."