Tahir Salahov honored in Moscow

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Tahir Salahov honored in Moscow

Members of the Russian Academy of Science Presidium greeted Tahir Salahov with applause at yesterday’s meeting. The artist was born in Baku 90 years ago on November 29th. He went to Azim Azimzade School of Art in a postwar period. In 1957, he graduated from Surikov University. He is an outstanding maestro of our time. His name and his works are a part of the world history of art.

Zurab Tsereteli awarded the birthday man with the Order of Worship to the Art, first grade.

“I’m very glad and happy today that we all congratulate you with such an impressive anniversary. You are a living classic. We know and love your works. I would like to wish you longevity – both in life and in art,” Olga Golodets, Vice Premier of Russia, told Salahov.

“It’s a big date for Azerbaijan. Our dear President Ilham Aliyev considered to have a consultation because Tahir Salahov had already been awarded with all titles and all orders, so what order can be given to dear Tahir Teymur oglu now? A new award was established in Azerbaijan – Order of Labour, first grade, and Tahir Teymur oglu was awarded with it. Of course, all orders, awards, and medals pale into insignificance against his works, against his contribution to arts and his country – Azerbaijan,” Polad Bulbuloglu, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Russia, said at the ceremony.

Tahir Salahov raised a constellation of brilliant artists. Aidan, daughter of the artist, a sculptor, an artist, and a gallery owner, said that he received greetings and gratitude from his students from Vietnam, Algeria, Mexico, the Netherlands, and other countries on his birthday. “Not only he taught us the art, laconism, firmness in painting but also it was a school of life, a lifestyle – to put a priority on art and follow the path,” Aidan Salahova stated.

Earlier, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, First Vice President of Azerbaijan President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehrban Aliyeva, and many other people wished Tahir Salahov, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Arts, all the best on his birthday.