Andrey Stankevich: victory at the Olympiad in Informatics in Baku is extremely important for Russia

Andrey Stankevich: victory at the Olympiad in Informatics in Baku is extremely important for Russia

The closing ceremony of the International Olympiad in Informatics(IOI) was held today in Baku. Russia ranks first in the team event: Russians won four gold medals. The correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza spoke with the head of the Russian delegation, Andrey Stankevich.

According to him, four golds is a great success: the Russian team showed a similar result in 2012. “It is especially pleasant that Ildar Gainullin ranks second. In general, getting into the top five, and even into the top three or two at such an Olympiad is rare and very enjoyable for any participant. Ildar did well. He is studying in 10th grade, therefore, he will still have an opportunity to repeat or even improve his result, " the coach said, noting that Vladimir Romanov, a member of the Russian team, also showed good results by winning gold in the team event.

According to the coach, in the future, the most successful team members will become coaches. “We hope that those who finished performing this year, 11th graders Sasha Morozov and Vladimir Romanov will be able to join the training team, share their experience with new participants,” Andrey Stankevich said, expressing confidence that the best trainers are those who achieved results in competitions of this level.

The head of the Russian delegation also noted that victory at the IOI is extremely important for young professionals. “Success was preceded by years of preparation. Also, as far as I know, the participants will be rewarded,” he said.

In addition, the coach drew attention to the fact that the participants from different cities of Russia participated in the event. "Ildar Gaynullin from Kazan. We regularly get participants from the regions in the national team. Tatarstan was represented last year by Ramazan Rakhmatov. He won a gold medal. Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg were also presented several times," he said.

The International Informatics Olympiad (IOI) was held this year in Baku. 88 countries presented their teams. The Olympiad was organized on the initiative of the Ministry of Education and with the assistance of the ADA University, the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, and other state structures of Azerbaijan.