Azerbaijani journalists killed in mine explosion in Kalbajar

Azerbaijani journalists killed in mine explosion in Kalbajar

Two journalists and a local official died and four others were injured in a mine blast in Kalbajar region today, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Interior Ministry published said in a joint statement.

The mine blast occurred at 11:00 AM on June 4 in Susuzlug village in Kalbajar region liberated from the Armenian occupation in the last year’s war.

Azertag’s correspondent Maharram Ibrahimov, born in 1982, and AZTV channel’s cameraman Siraj Abishov, born in 1989, lost their lives as the crew vehicle exploded on an anti-tank mine explosion.

An official of Kalbajar executive authorities Arif Aliyev was also among the killed in the blast.

Four others have been hospitalized with various degrees of injuries.

"The mining of Azerbaijani territories by the Armenian Armed Forces as a gross violation of the norms and principles of international law, including the requirements of the Geneva Convention of 1949, is the continuation of criminal actions against the Azerbaijani citizens," the joint message said.

"So, a car with employees of TV channels and news agencies sent to Kalbajar district to carry out their official duties hit a mine in the direction of Susuzlug village of Kalbajar district on June 4, 2021, at about 11:00 (GMT+4)," the message said.

"As a result, three people, namely, cameraman of AzTV channel Siraj Abishov, an employee of AZERTAC news agency Maharram Ibrahimov, deputy representative of the executive power of Kalbajar district in the administrative-territorial district of Susuzlug village Arif Aliyev, were killed," the message said. "Four people were wounded and were hospitalized."

The representatives of the prosecutor's office and the police examined the scene of the incident and carried out other procedural actions. Forensic medical expertise will be also conducted.

On the fact, the Azerbaijani Military Prosecutor's Office has initiated a criminal case under Article 100.2 (planning, preparation, unleashing or waging an aggressive war), 116.0.6 (violation of international legal norms during an armed conflict) and other articles of the Azerbaijani Criminal Code.

Intensive investigative and operational actions are being taken.