Soviet ex-premier Nikolay Ryzhkov passes away

the Federation Council

Ex-chairman of the Soviet Council of Ministers (or "premier") and member of the upper house Russian Federation Council (or "senate") Nikolay Ryzhkov passed away at the age of 94, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko wrote on her Telegram channel.

"An amazing person, Nikolay Ryzhkov, has passed away. A man of his times, a unique personality and a prominent statesman," Matviyenko said.

According to the top Russian senator, Ryzhkov had always demonstrated a genuine dedication to the business at hand and to achieving results, and sincerely cared about the people and his country.

Ryzhkov was a sterling example of an honest, selfless and responsible "man of labor," whose accomplishments deserve "respect and a worthy place in history," Matviyenko added.

In 1985-1991, Ryzhkov headed the Soviet government as chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. For two decades, from 2003 to 2023, Ryzhkov was a member of the upper house Federation Council as a senator representing the borderline Belgorod Region.

© Photo :the Federation Council